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Eureka Security delivers data security to businesses who store sensitive data in the cloud. Security teams use our data security posture management (“DSPM”) platform to know exactly where data resides, categorize its type, learn who and what can access it, and keep it continuously secure.

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An Identity-Centric Approach to Data Security

Data Security
Posture Management

Eureka continuously monitors the environment, ensuring your security measures meet industry best practices and compliance standards. It offers practical advice to help you reduce risks.

Data Threat

Eureka observes the environment on an on-going basis, models normal behavior, detects changes, and triggers alerts for suspicious or malicious activity.
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The bottom line:
We secure cloud data, no matter where it resides and how it's deployed in your environment.

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"Eureka Security has been a practical solution to our cloud security challenges. It provides the visibility we need, helping us quickly address critical access and cloud datastore misconfiguration issues and helps us execute access re-certifications.
Israel Bryski | CISO at MIO Partners
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