Secure Your Cloud’s Most
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Find and address risks in minutes, no matter where data resides, ​
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Eureka Data Security Posture Management

Uncover and Contextualize your Data Store Footprint

Eureka automatically discovers all types of deployed data stores, understanding the data and identifying your real-time risk.

Transform Data-Centric Policies into Controls

Eureka lets you choose, customize and create policies; automatically translating them into platform specific controls for all of your relevant data stores.

Monitor and Manage Data Store Risk

Eureka continuously compares real-world implementation to desired policy, alerting on gaps and policy drift before recommending risk-prioritized remediations, actions and controls.
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Get your Cloud Data Security Under Control

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Understand your entire cloud data store footprint, data store content and security and compliance risk
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Implement change rapidly and non-intrusively with agentless discovery and risk monitoring
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Continuously monitor, improve and communicate cloud data security posture and compliance
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Store, access and leverage data with guardrails that don’t interfere with business agility and operations
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“Traditional security tools offer little variance in their controls, no automation, limited visibility and security and compliance risks. Eureka’s vision for cloud data security–using automation to provide seamless discovery, classification and integrated processes for all stored organizational data–addresses these issues head-on–this will revolutionize the space and will significantly help my peers.”

Rob Geurtsen- Ret. Deputy CISO at Nike- Eureka security- cloud data posture management
Rob Geurtsen
Ret. Deputy CISO at Nike

״Eureka is focusing on the most significant challenge, enabling companies to securely put their data in cloud environments and making it easier for engineers, security teams and compliance teams to manage it. All this from a simple platform with outsized impact. It’s game changing.”

Eureka security- cloud data security- David Hannigan
David Hannigan
Director, Security and Compliance at Google

“Securing data at scale is not just about having the right control processes–it's knowing where your data is and having a uniform, consistent and constant way of validating and applying policy”

Eureka security- cloud data security- Karthik Rangarajan
Karthik Rangarajan
Principal Security Engineer at Leading Fintech Firm

“Finding and managing data in all its forms has been a hidden challenge for CISOs since the start of the millennium–and the cloud is bringing that challenge to the forefront, along with new opportunities to address data governance at scale.”

Eureka security- cloud data security- Andy Ellis
Andy Ellis
Former CSO of Akamai Technologies

“Cloud security should not be like a New York parking garage where you park at your own risk. Companies need cloud security solutions that take the risk out of working in the cloud by simplifying the identification of cloud assets, the implementation of controls and make security in a multi-cloud environment easier than it is today.”

Eureka security- cloud data security- Colin Anderson
Colin Anderson
CISO at Ceridian

“The cloud revolution brings new opportunities to leverage data at scale, and makes it even more urgent to find scalable approaches to cloud data security”

Eureka security- cloud data security- Jeff Trudeau
Jeff Trudeau
ex-CISO at Credit Karma

“The only way to avoid leaving any of your cloud data exposed, given its dynamic and ever-changing nature, is to enable automated discovery of datastores and to apply the necessary protective policies continuously and consistently.”

Eureka security- cloud data security- Moriah Hara
Moriah Hara
CISO at Nova Royalty Corp

“Protecting a large set of distributed datasets across many technologies and vendors is a common problem in the technology industry. It's exciting to see Eureka’s new approach and scalability and prioritization of both the developer and security experience.”

Eureka security- cloud data security- Maarten Van Horenbeeck
Maarten Van Horenbeeck
CISO at ZenDesk

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