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Complete Cloud Data Protection

An identity-centric approach to data security

Understanding who uses the data and how it is used is crucial for obtaining a complete risk assessment of the data, understanding this risk, identifying data threats and pushing towards better data protection.

Data Security Posture Management

Eureka continuously monitors the environment, ensuring your security measures meet industry best practices and compliance standards. It offers practical advice to help you reduce risks.

Data Threat Detection

Eureka observes the environment on an on-going basis, models normal behavior,
detects changes, and triggers alerts for suspicious or malicious activity.
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Omdia praises Eureka Security’s DSPM solution for providing proactive and reactive security in one easy-to-use platform

“On the Radar'' is your go-to guide for tech buyers, tech users, and security pros with an in-depth analysis of Eureka’s platform. Detailing its overarching nature, this report breaks down how Eureka takes data security from detection to remediation in one platform.

OMDIA report

Get Your Cloud Data Security Under Control

Risk Reduction

Get insight into your data, access and exposures

  • Detect sensitive data drift
  • Fix data store misconfigurations
  • Reduce data overexposure
  • Limit sensitive data risks

Threat Detection

Quickly respond to emerging issues and threats

  • Monitor data store usage
  • Identify anomalies
  • Detect malicious activity
  • Remediate data exfiltration
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“Protecting a large set of distributed datasets across many technologies and vendors is a common problem in the technology industry. It's exciting to see Eureka’s new approach and scalability and prioritization of both the developer and security experience.”

Eureka security- cloud data security- Maarten Van Horenbeeck
Maarten Van Horenbeeck
SVP, Chief Security Officer at Adobe

Eureka's been much better than the previous solution I was using. That solution felt like an MVP with Eureka looking and feeling like a market leader with UI and workflow."

Ray Espinoza
Ray Espinoza
CISO at Inspectiv

״Eureka is focusing on the most significant challenge, enabling companies to securely put their data in cloud environments and making it easier for engineers, security teams and compliance teams to manage it. All this from a simple platform with outsized impact. It’s game changing.”

Eureka security- cloud data security- David Hannigan
David Hannigan
VP and CISO at NuBank

"Eureka Security has been a practical solution to our cloud security challenges. It provides the visibility we need, helping us quickly address critical access and cloud datastore misconfiguration issues and helps us execute access re-certifications."

Israwl Bryski
Israel Bryski
CISO at MIO Partners, Inc.

“Cloud security should not be like a New York parking garage where you park at your own risk. Companies need cloud security solutions that take the risk out of working in the cloud by simplifying the identification of cloud assets, the implementation of controls and make security in a multi-cloud environment easier than it is today.”

Eureka security- cloud data security- Colin Anderson
Colin Anderson
CISO at Ceridian

“It was the best DSPM product we tested, and boy did we do a lot of testing. The team’s support was unparalleled!”

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VP of Security
VP Security at Leading Payment Platform

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