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Eureka for File Sharing Applications

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Eureka Security- Cloud Data Security- hero visual
Files are continuously shared across your organization and outside of it to enable collaborative business processes. They’re also used to store some of your organization’s most sensitive data. Eureka allows your organization to leverage the benefits of file sharing applications without the risks.
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Mitigating Data Risks in File Sharing Applications

File Sharing Applications may store some of your most sensitive data, business information or intellectual property, but may not adhere to your organizational data security guardrails. Without security oversight and governance, sensitive data may be overexposed and jeopardized.

Data Drifts

Data is easily transferred, copied or moved between different drives or communication sites which may be unmanaged and ungoverned by security guardrails. Eureka allows security teams to easily locate all sensitive data across Office 365, Google Drive and Box. No stone is left unturned and no data is left unprotected.

Over Exposure of Data

Business teams managing File Sharing applications usually don’t have  security as a top-of-mind concern, but when data is easily shared outside the organization, risk grows with zero security involvement. Eureka helps you see who can access sensitive data and how, warn you about overexposure of data, and guide you on how to limit access without impacting business.

Data Leakage

Even when data access is properly managed, data can still find its way to the wrong location. Seeing where data is being read, copied or sent to is a key component of protecting it. Eureka monitors all data usage and connections to the data store, making sure that data is used - not leaked.
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