Eureka Security- Cloud Data Security- hero visual

Cloud Data Security Made for the Cloud

Eureka protects sensitive information stored in the cloud, with a product designed for the cloud. 
Eureka Security- Cloud Data Security- hero visual
Eureka Security- Cloud Data Security- hero visual

Gain Complete Visibility

Automatically and continuously identify all organizational cloud data stores, including classification, permissions, usage and configuration and changes
Eureka Security- Cloud Data Security- hero visual

Reduce Data Risk

Monitor the environment on an ongoing basis and address unnecessary risk - remove shadow data stores, reduce over-exposure of data and ensure appropriate access permissions
Eureka Security- Cloud Data Security- hero visual

Identify Threats

Detect and respond to any suspicious activity around your data to allow intervention before it's too late, and prevent data leakage or ransomware attack
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Data Discovery and Classification

Eureka continuously monitors the environment, identifies new data and new data assets as soon as they are created and modified, and analyzes the data to understand its sensitivity and context.

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Data Security Posture Management

Eureka evaluates existing data security controls and configurations to ensure they meet industry best practices and compliance standards, with practical advice on how to improve these controls and reduce data security risks.
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Data Usage and Access

Eureka inspects and unravels the different ways in which data can be accessed to uncover all of the entities that have access to your data, and complements that with real-time analysis of logs, to see how data is being accessed.

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Data Threat Detection

Eureka’s continuous monitoring models normal behavior, detects changes, and triggers alerts for suspicious or malicious activity - allowing you to respond quickly with automated actions to contain and mitigate threats, minimizing damage.
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Remediation and Integrations

Eureka seamlessly integrates into your security stack and workflows and offers guidance, instructions and automated steps to support smooth remediation and a short response time.


Eureka is deployed using a completely automated and agentless process solution that can be set up in just minutes, demanding minimal configuration and ensuring no disruption to production environments. No database permissions or proxies are required.

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