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Eureka for Public Cloud

Protect data where it matters the most

Eureka provides companies with the ability to leverage the variety of easily-deployed tools offered by Public Cloud, without compromising their data security. 
Eureka Security- Cloud Data Security- hero visual

Speed of innovation should not jeopardize security

Cloud can drive innovation, but create risks and blindspots in the process. Eureka helps teams leverage its benefits with continuous security oversight and maximum protection

Eureka: A cloud-native solution to a cloud-native problem

Cloud data must be protected in a way that fits the cloud - from deployment, through its activity and the risks it detects. Eureka was created for cloud environments by cloud experts
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Mitigate Data Risks in the Public Cloud

Giving access and moving data between buckets, databases and external services in the cloud only takes a few clicks, which can lead to security gaps. Eureka locates your sensitive data, monitors for any risks or violations, and detects threats in real time.

Shadow Data

Data can be easily replicated or moved between environments that may be unmanaged and have no security oversight. Eureka locates all shadow data in your environment, including EC2s and VMs with databases on them,  replicated buckets and datastores and any managed or unmanaged, structured or unstructured data in between. No stone is left unturned and no data is left unprotected.

Over Exposure of Data

Public Cloud has made sharing data easier than ever. Permissions can be added directly, roles can be assumed by additional users, data can be accessed by service accounts or 3rd party applications, and it can even be publicly exposed. Eureka helps you see who can access your sensitive data and how, warn you about overexposure of data, and guide you on how to limit access without impacting business.

Data Leakage

Even when data access is properly managed, data can still find its way to the wrong location. The ability to see where data is being read, copied or replicated to is a key component of protecting it. Eureka monitors all data usage, cloud replication rules and connections to the data store, ensuring that data is used - not leaked.
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