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Eureka For Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

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The modern data stack can easily become a security liability - storing massive amounts of sensitive data that is continuously accessed, analyzed and moved between environments. Eureka maps data access and flows, identifies data exposure and detects any threats that may compromise your data.
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Eureka Security- Cloud Data Security- hero visual

Mitigating Data Risks in Data Lakes and Data Warehouses

Tools like Snowflake, Databricks or Atlas help support data analysis and collaboration, providing data teams with broader access to sensitive data, but they also allow little governance or control. Eureka monitors data lakes and data warehouses to provide the level of control needed, without impacting the collaboration it allows.

Stale and Shadow Data

Data tools can easily copy or move data between projects for use and analysis in different use cases.  With little security oversight over these tools, data can be exposed, leaving the company at risk. Eureka locates stale or shadow data in these tools, from new Snowflake tables to Atlas databases, allowing for the removal of unnecessary data and the continuously secure handling of data in use. 

Over Exposure of Data

Sharing data has never been easier. Data can be shared in many ways - permissions can be added directly, roles can be assumed by additional users, it can be accessed by service accounts or 3rd party applications, and it can even be publicly exposed by exposing the entire asset or just part of it. Eureka helps you see who can access sensitive data and how, warn you about over exposure of data, and provide evidence supporting advice on how access can be limited with no business impact.

Unsafe Data Boundaries

If proper access and security guardrails aren’t enforced in data lakes and data warehouses, data will eventually find itself in the wrong location or be sent, copied or transmitted across geographical or production environment boundaries. Eureka monitors all data copies, data usage and connections to the data store, making sure that data is used safely.
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