Data Threat Detection

Data stored is data at risk. Identify threats that jeopardize your data, before it is compromised.

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Detect Suspicious & Malicious Activity

Detect any suspicious data-related activity to allow intervention before it becomes a breach.
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Early Detection Means Better Response

Spot the earliest signs of an attack and respond quickly with automated actions to contain and mitigate threats, minimizing damage.
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Protection From Day 1 and Beyond

Eliminate blind spots with no tuning or setup required, allowing immediate protection for any data store added to the environment.
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unique real-time monitoring
Using its unique real-time monitoring of cloud data events, combined with broad visibility into your cloud data assets, Eureka identifies when sensitive data is moved, deleted or accessed in a way that violates policy and best practices or deviates from normal behavior, and allows you to take immediate action.
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Data Drift and Exfiltration
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Insider Threats
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Eureka seamlessly integrates into your security stack and workflows and offers guidance, instructions and automated steps to support smooth remediation and a short response time.
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Data Threat Detection

Mastering Defense-in-Depth and Data Security in the Cloud Era

Though widely used in many organizations, the concept still requires adaptation when aimed at protecting against new types of attacks.

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