Omdia praises Eureka Security’s DSPM solution for providing proactive and reactive security in one easy-to-use platform

“On the Radar'' is your go-to guide for tech buyers, tech users, and security pros with an in-depth analysis of Eureka’s platform. Detailing its overarching nature, this report breaks down how Eureka takes data security from detection to remediation in one platform.

Main takeaways

The market

DSPM solutions are critical components of any comprehensive security stack. They help you locate, identify, classify, and consistently safeguard your valuable organizational data. Eureka houses these features in a single, cohesive solution.


Eureka stands out due to its ease of use. With flexible deployment options- SaaS or otherwise, the platform offers extensive coverage and seamlessly integrates with various cloud platforms, data warehouses, and databases.

Reactive & proactive security

Analysts highlight Eureka Security's advanced Data Detection and Response (DDR) capabilities, which it describes as, “a key component for DSPM vendors going forward.”
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OMDIA report

The bottom line:
Omdia recommends giving Eureka a serious look when it comes to managing and safeguarding your valuable cloud data.

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DSPM stands as a proactive sentinel, scouring an organization's cloud data assets to unearth and resolve issues, as opposed to merely reacting to live threats. 
What's noteworthy is the evolving landscape, with a wave of vendors championing their ability to respond to actual threats as well, i.e. a reactive capability along with the proactive one. This is being called data detection and response (DDR) technology.
Rik Turner | Senior Principal Analyst at
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