Case Study

How MIO Partners Partnered with Eureka Security for Proactive Protection and GDPR-Ready Growth


MIO Partners Inc. (MIO) is a global, investment and advisory institution with a commitment to the highest level of investor-focused values and ethics as well as a decades-long track record of performance1 for our clients through multiple market cycles.MIO is a registered investment adviser regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US. MIO has affiliated entities (MIO Partners (UK) Limited and MIO-Partners (EU) GmbH) that are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and BaFin in Germany, respectively. MIO is also registered as a commodity pool operator with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the US National Futures Association.

The Problem

MIO faced cloud security challenges due to their use of AWS and Azure as CSPs. While they relied on a 3rd party tool for CSPM, it addressed only part of their cloud security needs, leaving gaps in their data security. This led to 4 issues:
Audit processes were manual and time-consuming, leading to delays in issue resolution.
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They were unable to see who or what had access to sensitive data, posing serious security risks to the company.
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CSPM solution was not going deep enough into misconfiguration on data stores.
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No real-time visibility into data security risks in lower-level environments.

While MIO relied on a 3rd party tool for CSPM, it addressed only part of their cloud security needs, leaving gaps in their data security.

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The Solution

MIO teamed up with Eureka Security to enhance their data security.
Together, they identified and classified sensitive data across their tech stack, including custom data types and unique data-sets. For example, employee ID numbers, balance and net-worth information. They mapped access permissions to improve zero trust and least privilege access principles, automating ticket creation through designated teams for rapid resolution of at-risk data assets in the cloud. This holistic approach aimed to tackle MIO's cloud security challenges effectively, fostering a proactive security posture.
Eureka and MIO
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The Outcome

Through their partnership with Eureka, MIO has yielded significant outcomes in enhancing their data security posture. They now swiftly identify the sprawl of sensitive data across their environment and address issues, ensuring continuous protection and significant up-leveling in their audit processes. This has allowed MIO to enforce strict KPIs and maintain a low tolerance for high-severity issues via automation with 3rd party tools (such as through a seamless integration with messaging platforms) and continuous remediation. This success not only strengthens their current operations but also addresses GDRP compliance.
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In the Voice of the Customer
"Eureka Security has been a practical solution to our cloud security challenges. It provides the visibility we need, helping us quickly address critical access and cloud datastore misconfiguration issues and helps us execute access re-certifications.
Israel Bryski | CISO at MIO Partners, Inc.
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