Eureka! Introducing Cloud Data Security Posture Management

Liat Hayun, Co-founder & CEO of Eureka Security
Liat Hayun, Co-founder & CEO of Eureka Security

I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in two amazing schools of thought throughout my career. First, I spent my formative years in an IDF unit dedicated to “making the impossible possible”. During my service, we achieved extraordinary technological feats by appreciating just how important it is to combine technical skill with creativity and tenacity. I made sure to carry this with me into Palo Alto Networks (PANW), where I held a number of leadership positions. In this capacity, I had the opportunity to work with large scale customers and appreciate PANW’s way of getting things done: it doesn’t matter how inventive, or how “cool”, a product claims to be if it doesn’t address real pain points or practically fit existing needs.


Today, alongside my friend, fellow serviceman, colleague and now co-founder, Asaf Weiss, I’m thrilled to apply these lessons to the spiraling problem of cloud data security. After months of strategizing, consults and customer calls, Eureka is officially out of stealth with an $8M seed investment from YL Ventures and cybersecurity luminaries to transform the seemingly hopeless cause of cloud data security posture management into a highly transparent, controlled and automated discipline.

Eureka’s mission is to help organizations successfully protect cloud data no matter where it resides or how quickly it changes. For too long, this problem space has been treated as more of a checkbox item with little improvement. Cloud-native and security solutions fall short of enabling security leaders to appreciate and understand their entire cloud data footprint. Most are point solutions, at best. Incredibly, security leaders are managing their cloud data security posture in a spreadsheet or a wiki page. While this may have worked when organizations were only responsible for securing a handful of cloud datastores, these methods are no longer sustainable.


Seeing All Sides of the Problem

As engineers who have built many applications, Asaf and I are well familiar with the way enterprises currently manage their data–we know just how difficult it is to implement security controls and configurations, or even identify the appropriate policy. As PANW and Microsoft security experts, we’ve worked extensively on customer needs and environments. Notably, with our background working on Endpoint Security and CASB products, product-building and management, we realized that this problem has to be solved without agents or proxies. We built Eureka accordingly. 


I also strongly believe that the only way to know you’re onto something is with external validation. We carried out over 100 conversations with different security leaders and teams until we felt like we’d truly had our “Eureka!” moment. Thanks to our investor YL Ventures’ advisor network, the opportunities for these consults were endless, and nearly a dozen potential customers agreed to sign on as design partners before we’d even signed our term sheet. 


Introducing Cloud Data Security Posture Management

We coined the approach of Cloud Data Security Posture Management to offer security leaders a higher order of magnitude of security through visibility, control, accountability and automation. In other words, we’ve operationalized the most difficult managerial and governance responsibilities of protecting data in the cloud.


Intent on building a veritable platform instead of a collection of features, Eureka offers a full suite of capabilities to help security teams holistically understand their entire cloud data store footprint, data store content, security and compliance risk; continuously monitor, improve and communicate their cloud data security posture and compliance; implement change rapidly and non-intrusively with agentless discovery and risk monitoring; and store, access and leverage data with guardrails that don’t interfere with business agility and operations.


Our approach enables and empowers multiple enterprise divisions and interests. First, security teams no longer have to develop deep knowledge of each datastore type to ensure compliance. Second, we’re enabling engineering teams to do whatever they need to get the business running by using data stores and tech from different cloud vendors. Finally, we’re helping businesses grow these valuable assets without compromising on mitigating risk.


What’s Next?

I’ve always dreamed of building something big, important and impactful, leaving me determined to source an interesting enough problem to work on for a full-fledged platform. I also knew that I would have to find the right partner to pull such a large vision off. I couldn’t have asked for a better co-founder than Asaf.


Asaf and I are on a mission to create a category leading company and we’re well on the cusp of revolutionizing cloud data security. If you’re ready to dramatically improve your data security management and posture, we invite you to visit our website at to get started.

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