Former Nike Deputy CISO Joins Eureka’s Board of Advisors to Drive Secure Enterprise Cloud Data Growth

Liat Hayun, Co-founder & CEO of Eureka Security
Liat Hayun, Co-founder & CEO of Eureka Security

Rob Geurtsen brings decades of cyber leadership experience to the industry’s first Cloud Data Security Posture Management platform

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, April 13, 2022

Eureka Security welcomes new board advisor Rob Geurtsen, former Deputy CISO of Nike, to bolster its offering of Data Security Posture Management. His decades of experience in enterprise cybersecurity operations isare expected to significantly enhance Eureka’s B2B product strategy.

A recognized industry leader, Geurtsen is best known for his 29-year tenure as Deputy CISO at Nike. Having occupied both management and strategy roles in IT and Global Operations, he has accumulated years ofhis wide range of expertise includes incident response, intelligence, cyber data analytics, attack surface management and security technology services.

Geurtsen will critically advise the company on its product offering and use cases for enterprise environments. He warns that “Enterprise cloud environments are overflowing with highly valuable data stored across the cloud and leveraged by development and business teams, while CISOs and security teams struggle to keep up. This is all thanks to new platforms, dynamic scaling, test and pre-production processes.”In joining Eureka’s board, Geurtsen shared that “Traditional security tools offer little variance in their controls, no automation, limited visibility and security and compliance risks.

Eureka’s vision for cloud data security – using automation to provide seamless discovery, classification and integrated processes for all stored organizational data – addresses these issues head on. This will revolutionize the space and significantly help my peers.

”Eureka raised an $8 million seed round led by YL Ventures in January of 2022. The startup was conceived by founders Liat Hayun, CEO and Asaf Weiss, CTO, after months of painstaking research into the cloud data security landscape. Hayun explains how “Every customer environment is unique.

Tapping into a ready knowledge base of customer insights has enabled us to root out major thematic problems ahead of the rest of the market and design a solution to address real workflow and security concerns. With his extensive background, Rob will help us further improve customer experiences experience and provide real value with our platform.

”Eureka advisors include Edna Conway, VP, Security & Risk Officer, Azure Hardware Systems & Infrastructure at Microsoft; David Hannigan, Director of Product Security Assurance at Google Cloud; Andy Ellis, former CSO at Akamai Technologies; Maarten Van Horenbeeck, CISO at Zendesk; Assaf Rappaport, CEO at Wiz and Ben Bernstein, former CEO at Twistlock, acquired by Palo Alto Networks.

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