How DSPM Reduces Cloud Costs

Shahar Avraham, Product Management at Eureka Security
Shahar Avraham, Product Management at Eureka Security

Congratulations! Your DSPM platform is hard at work safeguarding your sensitive cloud data.    

It locates your cloud resources—wherever they reside. It identifies and assesses access to sensitive data. It not only grants you a deep grasp of your data's security but also highlights avenues to improve it. The cherry on top? It's all automated and continuous.        

But did you know that while a DSPM's core aim is fortifying data security, its arsenal of monitoring, optimization, and compliance features can also reduce cloud costs by promoting efficient resource usage, preventing security incidents, and streamlining operational practices? How, you ask? 

Here’s how your DSPM platform can slash cloud costs:

Direct savings:

  1. Resource Rightsizing:
    DSPMs meticulously analyze your cloud data resources. Say goodbye to over-provisioned resources draining your budget with unnecessary costs. Align resource sizes with actual usage to enhance performance while curbing costs.
  1. Resource Optimization:
    Picture a DSPM as your partner in pinpointing underutilized or idle resources – those VMs idly running but not actively processing data or even neglected over weekends. Identifying and shutting down these resources will reduce compute costs and prevent unnecessary spending.
  1. Storage Management:
    DSPMs excel in spotting storage inefficiencies like duplicate data, stale data, or excessive data retention. Furthermore, by tracking usage, DSPMs can point out unused data resources. By eliminating unnecessary data, you can not only secure your environment by reducing the attack surface but also reduce storage costs.
  1. User Governance:
    Some data storage applications charge for the number of users with access to data. DSPMs analyze users' access to sensitive data and how their permissions are being used. Cut costs by nixing inactive users and fine-tuning permissions.

DSPMs provide elevated monitoring and auditing of your cloud environment. By having a clear understanding of resource usage, access patterns, and data flow, you can make informed choices that drive optimal cost optimization.

Hidden savings:

  1. Streamlined Incident Response
    In the face of a security incident, your DSPM can help you quickly investigate and respond to the issue. Prompt actions curtail additional damage, minimizing costs tied to data loss or downtime. Detecting the involvement of sensitive data aids in gauging necessary breach disclosures.
  1. Automation of Security Measures
    A DSPM can assist automate security measures like encryption of data, access controls, and backup management. This can reduce the likelihood of accidental data loss and the ensuing recovery expenses.
  1. Security Incident Prevention
    Incidents like data breaches or unauthorized access can cause a business significant financial losses and reputational hits. By identifying gaps and enforcing security best practices, DSPMs avert incidents, preventing the ripple effects on your finances.
  1. Compliance Cost Reduction
    Non-compliance with industry regulations and data protection laws can lead to hefty fines. DSPMs ensure that your cloud environment adheres to these regulations, reducing the risk of hefty fines.

DSPM system provides comprehensive visibility into your cloud environment's security and compliance posture. Armed with clarity, you can make smart decisions on resources, yielding optimized spending and fortified operations.


Your DSPM platform goes beyond safeguarding your cloud data – it's a strategic ally in reducing costs and elevating security. By optimizing resource usage, preventing security breaches, and aligning with compliance standards, DSPMs unlock hidden savings while fortifying your operations. See for yourself how it can not only secure your data but also drive financial efficiency and informed decision-making across your cloud environments.

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