Keeping the Vaults Secure: How Eureka Security Safeguards Financial Data in the Cloud

Liat Hayun, Co-founder & CEO of Eureka Security
Liat Hayun, Co-founder & CEO of Eureka Security

Imagine a bustling bank, not of bricks and mortar, but of swirling data in the cloud. Account numbers, transaction histories, and personal information zip across servers, powering the financial world. But with great data comes great responsibility, and securing this sensitive information is paramount. This is where Eureka Security steps in, offering a data security shield specifically designed for the unique needs of financial institutions.

“Eureka is focusing on the most significant challenge, enabling companies to securely put their data in cloud environments and making it easier for engineers, security teams and compliance teams to manage it. All this from a simple” - David Hannigan, VP and CISO at NuBank

The Challenge: A Data Deluge Demands Vigilance

Financial institutions generate mountains of data daily. While the cloud offers agility and scalability, it also creates a vast landscape brimming with potential vulnerabilities. Legacy security solutions are often unable to manage - let alone secure - the sheer amount of data and the locations it spreads to, leaving sensitive data exposed. At the same time, malicious actors are constantly becoming more sophisticated, making existing guardrails inefficient at best. Financial institutions need more than the basic security safeguards for the valuable assets they must protect - they need a holistic security system that understands what they protect, why and against whom. 

Eureka's Advantage: Seeing Beyond the Walls

Instead of placing passive guardrails in the most obvious positions, Eureka Security actively scrutinizes every corner of the cloud data vault, continuously and automatically. 

"Without Eureka, we would've been virtually blind to risks and threats impacting our sensitive data. Eureka allows us to preempt any issues and meet the requirements we're receiving from our business partners, with minimal effort." - VP Security at a leading Fintech platform

Here's how Eureka empowers financial institutions:

  • Uncovering the Jewels: Eureka doesn't just guard the door; it knows what's inside and how to best protect it. It identifies and labels all data, like financial records and social security numbers, understanding its sensitivity and prioritizing its protection.
  • Eyes Never Blink: Imagine guards constantly scanning every inch of the vault. Eureka does the same digitally, using advanced technology to constantly search for suspicious activity and potential breaches. Any unusual movement of the data, either exfiltration or copying to a different and inaccessible location, triggers an alarm, allowing for immediate intervention.
  • Rules for Everyone: Just like a vault needs clear access protocols, so does your data. Eureka automates setting and enforcing security policies across the entire cloud, ensuring everyone plays by the book and no unauthorized hands touch the valuables.
  • Meeting the King's Standards: Financial institutions juggle a complex set of regulations like PCI-DSS. Eureka simplifies compliance with these and a host of other international regulations by providing timely reports and audit trails, proving and ensuring constant, unwavering compliance.

Beyond Traditional Security: More Than Just a Lock

Modern technology stacks for data storage require a modern security stack for securing it. Traditional security solutions are no longer suitable given the dynamic nature of data in the cloud and are unable to address the unique risks associated with storing data in cloud technologies. Financial organizations that leverage Eureka’s cloud-forward data security platform are able to meet existing and future  challenges, and more:

  • Preventing the Heist: Early detection and prevention of unauthorized data access minimize financial losses and reputational damage, keeping your valuable assets safe from even the most cunning thieves.
  • Staying on the King's Good Side: Automated reports and adherence to the most stringent industry regulations ensure compliance, saving time and resources.
  • Working Smarter, Not Harder: Eureka automates tasks and provides deeper insights into how your data behaves, freeing up your valuable resources for other endeavors and making security more efficient.
  • Knowing Who Holds the Keys: Just like knowing who has access to the vault is crucial, Eureka tracks who and what has access to your data, ensuring only authorized parties can handle the jewels.

"Eureka Security has been a practical solution to our cloud security challenges. It provides the visibility we need, helping us quickly address critical access and cloud datastore misconfiguration issues and helps us execute access re-certifications." - Israel Bryski, CISO at MIO Partners, Inc.

The Future of Financial Security is Data-Centric

As the digital landscape evolves, financial institutions need security solutions that adapt and evolve with it. Eureka Security's data-centric, cloud-forward approach positions it as a valuable partner, not just for guarding the perimeter but for truly, profoundly understanding the inner workings of the vault and your most acute needs. By leveraging Eureka’s capabilities, financial institutions can confidently embrace the cloud while ensuring the highest level of security for their most valuable assets – their data.

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