Addressing Cloud Data Security in the Multi-Cloud Era

Eureka Security and YL Ventures joint Cloud Data Security report aims to shed light on how organizations manage, control, and secure the most valuable asset in the cloud: data

According to leading global CISOs, 40% of surveyed companies have experienced a data breach

As data breaches are on the rise, getting a clear picture of where data lives and how it is stored, classified, and secured is an essential part of a company’s data security strategy. While cloud delivers application velocity and agility, companies migrating over to the cloud are learning a difficult truth: protecting the organizational crown jewels is not easy.

We surveyed leading CISOs within companies spanning various sizes and industries to understand how critical data is presently managed, controlled, and secured within their cloud environments (and more importantly - how it should be).

  • How do you detect unauthorized access to sensitive data?
  • Is there a clear assignment of data ownership and responsibility for the enforcement of privacy guardrails and data protection policies?
  • What are the top 3 data security-related projects that you plan to invest time and resources in, in the near future?

Whether you are in the middle of planning your security budget, looking to drive innovation, or presently evaluating the efficiency of your cloud data security, this research has the peer-sourced insights you need.

Download the report now to get the latest insights on cloud data security practices

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