New 2023 Omdia Report: Eureka Security Delivers Comprehensive DSPM Solution

Eureka Security
Eureka Security

Keeping your data safe in the cloud is a big deal, as businesses leverage data usage and storage while risk grows. Traditional security practices can't keep up with the evolving data security challenges businesses face. Today’s cloud data reality requires organizations to push the business forward by doing more than just proactively guarding their data against malicious actors - they must be able to detect and adequately respond to these threats as they happen, without slowing everything down. 

Omdia’s analysts reviewed Eureka’s DSPM platform for their new “On The Radar” report, aimed at providing vendors, tech buyers and users with data-based insights into new and promising technologies, and concluded that this unique blend of proactive and reactive data security capabilities - in one single platform - create a comprehensive DSPM solution. This approach helps businesses move past strict data security rules that can hinder operations. It involves looking at every risk and deciding if and how they should adjust their level of risk tolerance.

The Omdia report cites rapid cloud adoption and amplified digital transformation as root causes for the significant increase in data usage and storage across various platforms. The development of data security tools seeking to support this data revolution helped security professionals discover, identify, and classify data stores while assessing their risk and mitigating them accordingly. Omdia analysts found that within the DSPM category, Eureka provides security teams with everything they need in order to react to data security threats, with enhanced Data Detection and Response (DDR) capabilities which Omdia calls, “the essence of security posture management.”

“Eureka Security delivers discovery, classification, usage and access risk analysis, and remediation capabilities for cloud data estates. Importantly, it can also detect and respond to attacks that are underway on those same data stores and should therefore be considered for any project where burgeoning cloud data assets need to be controlled and protected.״ 

Praising Eureka’s easy integration with a large number of tools, services and systems, as well as its end-to-end data security capabilities, Omdia’s report places Eureka Security as a top DSPM provider with added value and comprehensive functionality. 

Discover more in the full report here:

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